An Overview of Foundational Theories in Marriage & Family Therapy

Friday, December 9, 2016 from 8 am – 3 pm at
River of Hope, 100 Forney Road, Lebanon, PA 17042
Register by December 2nd and the cost is $99.
All other registrations including at-the-door are $110.

This seminar provides an overview of the foundational theories specific to Marriage & Family Therapy. It will cover, as time permits, Bowen’s Natural Systems Theory, Contextual Theory, Object Relations Theory, Strategic Theory, Structural Theory, Experiential Theory, Behavioral and Cognitive Theories, Postmodern Constructivist and Brief Solution Focused Therapy Theories, and Feminist Family Therapy Theory.

Each theory will be reviewed to include the major contributors, history and background and major concepts of the theory. The seminar will also look at the dysfunction addressed by each theory as well as the the methodology used by the theory to bring about change.

Participants will receive a PDF containing all of the seminar handouts.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of all the major theories in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • The major concepts within each theory
  • Appropriate use and application of each theory
  • Expected change upon use of each theory

Who should attend:
Those preparing for the MFT State Board Exam, Counselors, Social Workers, and Therapists interested in learning more about the theories and practices specific to couples, marriage, and family treatment will benefit from this seminar.

Presentor’s Bio:
Dr. Robert C. Palmer, D.Min, Ph.D, LMFT

Dr. Robert C. Palmer, D.Min., Ph.D. LMFT is a Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and Program Director, Master of Arts in Ministry at Evangelical Theological Seminary. He holds a  B.A. from Trinity College (1981); M.Div., Trinity School of Divinity (1984); D.Min., Palmer Theological Seminary (1992); Ph.D., and is a graduate of American Christian College and Seminary (1999). Dr. Palmer is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America. He also holds the following credentials and associations: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Clinical Fellow – American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists; Certified Pastoral Counselor (Fellow) – American Association of Pastoral Counselors; Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor – International Board of Christian Counselors. Dr. Palmer is also the author of: The Diamond of Adversity: A Theology of Suffering.