To make a referral:

The potential client should call River of Hope at 717.274.3950 ext. 101 to schedule an appointment.

To provide financial assistance to a client you are referring:

1.    Notify the person you are referring that you would like to provide financial assistance for their counseling and ask them to inform their clinician of your desire to provide financial assistance.

2.    During the client’s first appointment, the clinician will verify the client’s household income and determine the client’s fee. If the client notifies the clinician of your desire to provide financial assistance, the clinician will obtain a signed Release of Information (ROI) from the client which allows the clinician to contact you.

3.    The clinician will contact you to discuss your financial assistance for the client. In order to efficiently manage third party assistance, you will be informed of the amount the client is able to pay per session, the full fee per session and the difference between the two amounts per session. You will have an opportunity to pay the difference for the number of sessions you specify.

4.    River of Hope invoices third parties on or around the 1st of each month.

Questions? Contact us – 717.274.3950 ext. 101 or